Kleenelle Surface Sanitizer is a specially formulated sanitizer to help protect your business, customers and family from illness by preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses including corona viruses.

Kleenelle amazing versatile sanitizer can be used on most hard surfaces that you come in contact with everyday (such as door handles and workstations, toilets, bins, sinks, ), soft surfaces (such as sofas and mattresses), and leaves a fresh fragrance in the air. It protects you and your family from illness by killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces around your offices, banking halls, restaurants and homes. Kleenelle Surface Sanitizer is effective against various microorganisms including E.coli and Salmonella as well as corona viruses cold & flu viruses.


 Hold Kleenelle Surface Sanitizer upright at about 15-20cm from pre-cleaned surface and spray surface until completely covered. Wipe over with CLEAN damp cloth or paper towel & ALLOW TO DRY. No need to rinse. Allow to air dry.


Kleenelle Sanitizing Spray can be used throughout your home, on hard and soft surfaces such as: Bathroom: (Bath Tubs, Shower, Toilet seats, Faucets, Shower Curtain) Kitchen ( Sinks, Waste bins, Refrigerator Handle) , Car door handle etc.